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  • Andrew Lumsdaine receives $50,000 New Frontiers award in the Arts and Humanities competition

    Date: 01/29/2014

    The Art of Plenoptics: A Collaboration between Professors Jeffrey Wolin (Photographer) and Andrew Lumsdaine (Computer Scientist)

    Halls Professor of Photography Jeffrey Wolin (School of Fine Arts) and Professor Andrew Lumsdaine (Computer Science) began collaborating on photographs using plenoptic cameras in summer 2012. In plenoptics (computational photography) a micro lens array is positioned over a digital camera’s sensor to allow information about whole light rays bouncing off a subject to be recorded, rather than just points of light as in conventional cameras. This allows an image to be refocused after a photograph is taken using special software. It also allows the image to be viewed in three dimensions.

    Andrew Lumsdaine, from IU’s School of Informatics is one of the leading researchers in the field of computational photography and Wolin is an internationally known photographer whose work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Art Institute of Chicago and Whitney Museum, among others world-wide. Their photographs with a custom-made plenoptic camera were included in “Imag(in)ing Science” at Grunwald Gallery at IU last fall.

    Lumsdaine and Wolin will continue their collaboration along with two of their graduate students who worked on the “Imag(in)ing Science” show. They will acquire a high-resolution medium format digital camera and convert it to a plenoptic camera so that they can dramatically improve the quality of their images for exhibitions at other venues around the country. Lumsdaine will develop new software and Wolin will create new images that push the envelope of this emerging technology.